Anyone of any age can have a foot problems and at Alcester Chiropody Podiatry we are used to seeing patients of all age groups.

Podiatry treatments include:

  • General foot care & footwear advice
  • Pain relief, reassurance, and diagnosis
  • Corn & callous removal
  • Cracked heels
  • Diabetic foot care and advice
  • Ingrowing toe nails
  • Ingrowing toe nail surgery
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Sports related foot injuries
  • Foot Massage
  • Orthotics, orthoses, shoe inserts, insoles or footbeds
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain
  • Ball of the foot pain
  • Thickened & fungal nails
  • Wart and verrucae treatments
  • Pre-holiday check-up

Ingrown toe nails: There are many causes of an ingrown toe nail. It is not uncommon for young persons to suddenly develop an infected ingrown toe nail or older people to try and self manage these nails for years. Patients often report how they constantly niggle or flare up placing restrictions on the type of activity and footwear they can tolerate.Warwickshire Chiropodist waiting area

As one ages it is possible that health can deteriorate perhaps circulation or diabetes. The nail that has been ongoing can turn into a far more complex problem to treat.

Nail Surgery can be performed on the premises: When a thickened or ingrown nail has been persistently problematical it is often worth considering Nail Surgery. Removing the painful portion of the nail will leave a normal looking pain free nail. It also removes an unnecessary imposition on your daily life and allows more choice in footwear or the nail becoming a risk factor later in life.

What is Nail Surgery

A local anaesthetic is used so that you will feel no pain during the procedure.  A tourniquet applied to the toe and the offending painful portion of the nail carefully removed. A chemical is applied to the exposed nail bed to prevent regrowth by destroying the nail cells of the problematic part of the nail. A dressing is applied with specific post operative instructions and a review / redressing date arranged.

If you want more specific advice, dispel any unfounded myths or reassurance about this minor operation please discuss with the Podiatrist.


Orthotics: also called orthoses, shoe inserts, insoles or foot-beds are devices added inside the footwear to support the foot’s structure and can help the realignment. For this reason orthotics can help alleviate pain to the foot or body caused by poor alignment of the foot.

Orthotics: when are they indicated: Your feet give you the grounding and base of support of your entire skeleton and are the first point of contact with each step taken. This grounding and support requires not just good foot posture also good alignment of the leg and hips. Poor foot posture can result in painful feet or misalignment of your skeleton causing pain further up the body (kinetic chain).Chiropodist in Warwickshire

Prefabricated Orthotics: I have a wide selection of prefabricated orthotics to address most common foot problems.

Bespoke Orthotics: High quality-bespoke orthotics can also be made to order for those requiring a more specific tailor made device which is made from a cast of your feet.

Orthotics and Footwear: It is important to note that Orthotics are only as good as the footwear worn with them. For best results and a comfortable fit it is essential that the footwear compliments your feet and your orthotics.

Rehabilitation exercises: might be required to help address the conditions treated by the orthotic.

Massage I have extended my scope of practice to include muscle and soft tissue therapy to help mobilise the foot and leg to compliment the treatments I can offer as a Podiatrist / Chiropodist. Whilst trained as a sports masseur the techniques used can be used on anyone regardless of whether they are an athlete or not. Common injuries which would benefit from treatment are knee pain, ankle sprains, achilles, thigh calf, heel & arch pain. Plantar fasciitis can often respond very well to massage.

Imaging: Sometimes it is helpful to have MRI or ultrasound imaging performed to aid diagnosis. I work with an ultrasound imaging specialist who specialises in the foot. The scan can be performed privately, quickly and without need of going via your GP.